A Study on The First Grade Students’ Spelling Ability English Words at SDN 02 Mandau

Sari, Winri Indah (2019) A Study on The First Grade Students’ Spelling Ability English Words at SDN 02 Mandau. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.

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Spelling is stated that words come in at least two forms: oral and print. Oral is the set of words for which we know the meanings when we speak or read orally. The printed forms of words related to the spelling of words. The spelling itself means the forming of words from letters according to accepted usage. The problem above seems to be a common thing if we talk about learning English at elementary school and that is the fact that the writer faces in teaching English. The following questions guided the study: To what extend do current spelling series reflect research-based practices and what underlying theoretical framework is stated or implied in each series? What types of spelling strategies, activities, and techniques are represented in student workbooks and teacher edition books? Two sub questions included: Do they reflect current research and / or the theoretical frameworks stated or implied in each series and do spelling programs provide multiple strategies, techniques, and activities to differentiate instruction? The final question asked, in what ways are these programs similar or different? A comparative content analysis was used to examine the spelling series at one grade levels. The modified Allred-Tolman spelling program evaluation instrument and a teacher and student edition evaluation scale were used. The study revealed that a specific philosophy for teaching spelling was not addressed in the Houghton Mifflin, Scholastic Spelling, Sitton Spelling, and Treasures series. These series did not promote a specific spelling approach to teaching spelling but based on the lessons, used a combination of strategies to teach spelling. The Words Their Way program was the only spelling program that outlined the developmental spelling approach theory and followed this specific theory throughout their program. The research and theoretical basis were represented in the activities and the lessons focus primarily on studying word pattern sand hands on word study practice for students at their development spelling stage. When analyzing the components at the programs, the Words Their Way, Sitton Spelling, and Treasures program materials and lessons were complex in organization and management. Differentiated instruction was addressed in all programs and specifically meeting the needs of English language learners was a component that was included in all programs expect Sitton Spelling. Lastly, when comparing the programs, it was found that continue to use many of the same strategies to teach spelling that were used in the past. Houghton Mifflin, Scholastic Spelling, and Treasures all follow a traditional 5-days format that included weekly words list of 10-20 words. All of the spelling programs did focus on integrating writing with spelling and included writing components in all their lessons. The Sitton Spelling series does offer some individualized components but does not instruct students at a developmental stage of spelling. While all the programs include some new components for teaching spelling, such as the integrated writing component, word sorting activities, and small group instruction lessons, only the Words Their Way program offers a truly individualized approach to teaching spelling to students at their stage of developmental spelling. This is a descriptive research because it was consist one variable. Descriptive research is done to describe the facts and the characteristics of a given population factually and accurately. This research was conducted at the students’ first grade at SDN 02 Mandau. The sample of this research is class 1.c which consist of 22 students. This research analyze by using percentage as the indicators. The researcher could say that the student of the research was able to have good English especially in spelling the words. The students good achievement was caused by their good understanding of words and interesting to learn the foreign language, it could also be interpreted that with their good spelling of words letter by letter.

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