Pengaruh Variasi Metode Sintesis Graphene Oxide Baterai Zn-C Terhadap Performa Rheology Dan Filtration Loss Fluida Pemboran

Artiwi, Vandriana (2021) Pengaruh Variasi Metode Sintesis Graphene Oxide Baterai Zn-C Terhadap Performa Rheology Dan Filtration Loss Fluida Pemboran. Other thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.

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The use of additives in keeping performance on rheology and filtration loss is known to spread like CMC, barite, and CaCO3. The study has examined a new strain of drilling mud that is still very rare today: Graphene Oxide (GO). To obtain the GO material is commonly synthesized by hummer methods which are quite sophisticated and use dangerous chemicals or by the CVD method that would cost a high amount of money even though pure. Hence, researchers have been trying to synthesize the GO-based graphite Zn-c battery waste using the simpler and cheaper method of collision marble. To find the expected characteristic of GO, has been researched the effect variations number of marbles in the shyntesis process and also has been researched the effect of GO with that marble variations in rheology performance and filtration loss drilling fluid. The synthesis of GO shows that marble (1,3,5,7) has affected the characteristics of GO such as optics and physical properties. Absorbance wavelength for GO 1 marble for 233.9 nm, whereas 3,5,7 marble for 228.9 nm. The result of SEM shows that marble amount also has affected topography structure. GO 1 Marble shows a transparency layer, which indicates that it is well exfoliated. In GO 3 marble, process of exfoliation leaves multiple layers. In GO 5 and 7 marble still looks like multiple layers. Testing for EDX GO 1 marble is produce 94.24% elements C and 5.76% O. GO 3 marble contains 87.05% elements C and 11.36% of element O. In GO 5 marble by 92.63% C, and O for 5.90%. At GO 7 marble C has only 48.56% and O 23.48%. Spectrophotometer FTIR shows specimen unit GO 1,3,5,7 marble has C=C function clusters in 1531 cm1, C–O , C=O in 1735cm1 and O–H at 2679 cm1. The result of synthesis GO with variations marble has affected the mud drilling. The mud of GO 1 marble is 1.5 mm thick and Filtrate Volume 14.8ml, and 1.6 mm for mud of GO 3, 5 and 7 marbles. With Filtrate Volume mud of GO 3 marble is 14.3 ml, GO 5 marbles mud 16.4ml and the mud of GO 7 marble has 16ml Filtrate Volume. Whereas the standard mud is 2mm Mudcake and 15 ml Filtrate Volume. With rheology value of gel strength standard mud is 0.42 lb/100ft2 turns to 0.6 lb/100ft2 at GO 1 marble mud.while the same gel strength value for the three other variations amounts to 0.4lb/100ft2.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Graphene oxide, filtration loss, rheology, collision marble’s method, drilling fluid.
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