Analisis Water Treatment Air Formasi Menggunakan Graphene Oxide Kulit Singkong Dengan Metode Perendaman Berdasarkan Variasi Waktu Dan Konsentrasi

Saputri, Qoddriyyah Andela (2021) Analisis Water Treatment Air Formasi Menggunakan Graphene Oxide Kulit Singkong Dengan Metode Perendaman Berdasarkan Variasi Waktu Dan Konsentrasi. Other thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.


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Formation water that is produced together with oil and gas, before being injected into the injection well, it will be treated first so that injection problems do not occur. The research will focus on the graphene oxide (GO) of cassava peels for formation water treatment. Because cassava peel has a high enough carbon content so that it has high potential to produce graphene oxide. This research uses the Liquid Phase Eksfoliation (LPE) method. The LPE Method is a method using the liquid phase in the form of Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate (LAS) surfactants. The liquid phase will dissolve the sample so that it exfoliates into a strong graphene oxide sheet. Then centrifuged at a speed of 1000 Rpm for 30 minutes. The graphene oxide will be tested for SEM, FTIR and UV-Vis. Formation water treatment analysis using graphene oxide of cassava peel with immersion methods based on variations in time and concentrations of graphene oxide. This absorbent in graphene oxide is promising in water treatment because the functional groups contain oxygen and simple, better water treatment rates at an economical price and can prevent the presence of bacteria. SEM, FTIR dan UV-Vis characterization shows that graphene oxide has been successfully formed with a strong single hexagonal layer consisting of O-H, C=C, C=O dan C-O bonds. In particular, the C=C bond is the structure of the formation graphene oxide at a frequency of 1.576 cm-1. Formation water treatment using GO cassava peel has been successful in the water treatment process. Tests based on time variations have obtained the best time, which is 20 hours. While testing based on variations in GO concentrations, the best GO concentration was obtained namely 0,5 gram. In water treatment with GO 0,5 gram, the conductivity value decreased to 1,27 dS/m and the total ionic compound was 26,55 ppm. Reducing the ion content slows down the occurrence of problems with injection equipment. Water that has been treated using GO 0,5 grams produces a clarity level of 0,50 NTU. Then the formation water is in accordance with the standardization of injection water quality.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Formation water, Water Injection, Graphene Oxide, Cassava Peel, Water Treatment
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