Evaluasi Penertiban Pertambangan Tanpa Izin (PETI) Dikecamatan Kuantan Mudik Kabupaten Kuantan Singingi

Mulia, Iga (2020) Evaluasi Penertiban Pertambangan Tanpa Izin (PETI) Dikecamatan Kuantan Mudik Kabupaten Kuantan Singingi. Other thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.

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Inheritance is a transfer of rights and obligations from the heir to the heir, namely all family members who are left behind due to death. This can happen by itself if the heir has passed away. In Indonesia, inheritance problems are still often the cause of problems among heirs, which cause commotion, disputes that can lead to rifts in family households. There is a feeling of dissatisfaction with the inheritance that they receive among them that causes problems in the inheritance. However, the family who disputed the inheritance after deliberating and discussing it as a family never found a bright spot. Until finally, this problem continued to take the court route in order to get the results and decisions that were expected to be as fair as possible for both parties. In this case the Pekanbaru Religious Court has the authority to resolve inheritance disputes considering that the disputing parties are Muslims. This research was conducted by the author directly conducting a field survey in order to obtain concrete data and research results by asking several questions to respondents, namely for the disputing parties, namely the Plaintiff and Defendant and also asking several questions to the Judge at the Pekanbaru Religious Court. By conducting a direct survey, the authors get direct and complete data from the respondents. After the verdict from the Court, the negative impact experienced by the disputing parties, namely the Plaintiff and Defendant, who are one family, has now become divided. This is because the Defendant, who is the youngest child, is now leaving the house because he feels uncomfortable being in the same house again with his old family. And if we see the positive impact, now the Defendant who lives alone is more independent and willing to put in the effort to work.

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