Analisis Experimental Pati Singkong Sebagai Fluid Loss Control Agent Pada Lumpur Pemboran

Yuliastini, Yuliastini (2019) Analisis Experimental Pati Singkong Sebagai Fluid Loss Control Agent Pada Lumpur Pemboran. Other thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.

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One of the functions of drilling mud is designed to reduce fluid loss in the formation. The loss of liquid in the formation will cause losses because the filtrate that enters the formation can form a reduced permeability zone so that the production rate becomes lower. Fluid loss control agents are additives added to the drilling mud formulation to reduce fluid loss. Various polymers have been used as liquid loss control additives. Starch is a natural polymer. The use of starch can reduce fluid loss. Making cassava starch is washed with water and mashed then filtered. The filtered water is deposited for 6 hours, after which it is dried in the sun to dry and do a sieve analysis with a size of 200 mesh. Then cassava starch mixed with mud with a composition of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 grams to determine the volume of the filtrate and thickness of the mud cake. Filtration loss and mud cake testing is done by using the LPLT (Low Pressure Low Temperature) by placing a measuring cup to accommodate the volume of filtrate that comes out for 30 minutes, as well as thick mud cake on filter paper that has been installed on the LPLT tool. Minitab software is used for regression and correlation analysis. The results showed that the filtration loss obtained was 6.8 - 5.6 ml and thickness of the mud cake 1.55 - 1.35 mm. There was a decrease in filtrate volume and thickness of the mud cake. The addition of starch mass to the sludge can reduce filtration loss and mud cake. The results of the Minitab software obtained by the equation of filtration loss = 7.052 - 0.1371 Mass, correlations of -0.994. While the Mud Cake equation = 1,706 - 0.03914 Mass, the correlations are -0,923.

Item Type: Thesis (Other)
Uncontrolled Keywords: fluid loss control agent, software, filtration loss, mud cake, mud drilling
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Date Deposited: 21 Mar 2022 08:24
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