Analisa Kegagalan Pada Bearing Scraper Conveyor Untuk Loading Ramp Di PKS Dengan Simulasi Ansys

Anjaswara, Andi (2019) Analisa Kegagalan Pada Bearing Scraper Conveyor Untuk Loading Ramp Di PKS Dengan Simulasi Ansys. Other thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.


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Bearing is ac machine element that supports a loaded shaft, so that rotation or alternating motion can take place smoothly, safely, and long life. Conveyor scraper is a palm length conveyor from loading ramp to boiling. On the conveyor section there is a chain that serves as a push for palm oil lengths. There a three types of lengths carried by conveyor scraper namely brondolan and fiber type palm lengths. Types of bearing damage that occur at PT. Kimia Tirta Utama (KTU), namely the occurrence of broken bearings. Based on bearing damage that occurs, it is done using the ansys method. Where the ansys method is used to see the breaking point on the bearing, and see the load on the bearing. From the data obtained it is necessary to hold regular checks so that maintenance can be done well so that the bearing has a long working period. The the existence of ansys method is expected to anticipate bearing rupture. Based on the results of the calculation of the load on the ball conveyor scraper bearing 34.72 kg /m, the equivalent load of 28.43 for the conveyor capacity of 50 tons / hours, obtained bearing life for 4969.19 days after the simulation is completed, then the bearing analysis is carried out namely the von mises stress, 94.777 MPa results were obtained with sf = 4.85 (safe) totally deformation under the conditions of loading 50000 kg (490332.5), life obtained 5.830 pa, and the safety factor obtained 0.91056 cycle results.

Item Type: Thesis (Other)
Uncontrolled Keywords: scraper conveyor, bearing, failure, ansys 2
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