Analisa Pengaruh Spraying PB Di Atas Substrate Plastik ABS Yang Di Lakukan Pelapisan Chrom

Mahasin, Arif (2019) Analisa Pengaruh Spraying PB Di Atas Substrate Plastik ABS Yang Di Lakukan Pelapisan Chrom. Other thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.


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Pb spraying is a process of spraying PB metal on the surface of an object non-metal work that will be done electroplating, spraying process use Carbon Conductive Paint with a lot of spraying methods as the initial processing (Pre Treatment) with the aim of producing The coating is used as a base layer containing metal and Electroplating is a process of metal deposition on a surface metal or non-metal (workpiece), electrolytic chromic coating process with electroplating methods, many are done as finishing with the aim produce a layer that is used for decorative-protective. In the process spraying distance and time plays an important role in spraying layers metal and in the process of electroplating current and time are also important formation of the coating process. This research distance and time to the surface of the specimen by spraying method and Knowing the current against the thickness of the chromium layer with motede electroplating. In this study, the material to be studied is ABS plastic, with a spraying distance of 15 cm and a time of 10 seconds, 15 seconds and 20 seconds. Variation current is used in the electroplating process of 5 Amperes and 6 Amperes with and 35 minutes chrome constant time (constant). Specimens of Pb spraying results above ABS plastic substrate which chrome coating is done is weighed and carried out thickness. The results of the study show the longer the time spraying, the thicker the spray coating results. Likewise with The effect of current, 6 Ampere current produces more layer thickness than current 5 amperes. However, to see the gloss quality at 5 amps and when spraying 15. Thus, it can be concluded that the thick layer does not mean good for electroplating results. Keywords: Spraying, Distance, Cr, Flow, Time, Decorative-Protective Electroplating.

Item Type: Thesis (Other)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Spraying, Jarak, Cr, Arus, Waktu, Elektroplating Dekoratif-Protektif.
Subjects: T Technology > TJ Mechanical engineering and machinery
Divisions: > Teknik Mesin
> Teknik Mesin
Depositing User: Mohamad Habib Junaidi
Date Deposited: 15 Mar 2022 06:39
Last Modified: 15 Mar 2022 06:39

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