Analisis Pengaruh Kontaminasi Variasi Konsentrasi Oil Base Mud dan Water Base Mud Terhadap Filtration Loss dan Rheology Semen Pemboran

Ramdani, Muhammad (2020) Analisis Pengaruh Kontaminasi Variasi Konsentrasi Oil Base Mud dan Water Base Mud Terhadap Filtration Loss dan Rheology Semen Pemboran. Other thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.

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One of the causes of cementing failure is the contamination of cement with mud. For effective cementing, the suspension of cement must completely replace drilling mud after circulation, but in practice this is difficult to achieve and some of the mud used is left in the well and contaminates the cement after the cement placement is carried out. This study is to determine the effect of contamination between two different types of mud on drilling cement. Because the mud used is different, the problem of mud contamination in cement will also cause different effects. This study uses an experimental research method, This research starts from the design of the composition of the cement suspension by conducting tests filtration loss and rheology in cement suspension before being contaminated with mud and after contaminating two types of drilling mud used, they are water base mud (WBM) and oil base mud (WBM) with variations in the concentration of contamination, each of which are 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25%. To test the filtration loss using a filter press tool type Low Pressure Low Temperature (LPLT) filter press test and rheology using the Fann VG Meter. next, processing the laboratory test results data and analyzing the data of the laboratory test results to determine linear regression and correlation using Minitab software. Based on the results of the study obtained the value of the basic cement filtration loss is 228 ml, contamination of 5% WBM is 221 ml, 10% WBM is 211 ml, 15% WBM is 199 ml, 20% WBM is 192 ml, 25% WBM is 181 ml, 5% OBM is 217 ml, 10% OBM is 206 ml, 15% OBM is 182 ml, 20% OBM is 175 ml, 25% OBM is 164 ml. It can be seen that the tendency to decrease is greater due to OBM compared to WBM. Whereas the value of plastic cement viscosity is 10 cp and yield point is 6 lb/100ft2. Where there is a decrease in the value of plastic viscosity on contamination of 10-20% WBM which is 9 cp and 25% WBM which is 8 cp and increase in the value of plastic viscosity at 10-20% OBM contamination is 11 cp and 25% OBM is 12 cp and the yield point value at 15-25% OBM contamination is 7 lb/100ft2.

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