Analisis Agroindustri Susu Kedelai Di Kelurahan Purwodadi Kecamatan Tampan Kota Pekanbaru Provinsi Riau (Kasus Pada Usaha Susu Kedelai Bapak Anas)

Endro, Endro (2021) Analisis Agroindustri Susu Kedelai Di Kelurahan Purwodadi Kecamatan Tampan Kota Pekanbaru Provinsi Riau (Kasus Pada Usaha Susu Kedelai Bapak Anas). Other thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.


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Under the guidance of Mr. Dr. Fahrial, SP., SE., ME. Soy milk agroindustry in Purwodadi Village has been running since 2010 until now. The availability of raw materials and good market opportunities make this soy milk business have the opportunity to increase income. This study aims to analyze: (1) the characteristics of entrepreneurs and business profiles; (2) the production process and use of inputs; (3) production cost, production, selling price, income, and business efficiency; (4) Added value in soy milk agroindustry. This study used a survey method, which took the location in Purwodadi Village, Tampan District, Pekanbaru City, Riau Province. The respondents were taken by census with the number of respondents is 1 person. The data used in this study are primary data obtained directly through interviews, and secondary data. Data were analyzed by descriptive qualitative and quantitative method. The results showed that: (1) The characteristics of soy milk entrepreneurs showed that: the average age was 47 years (productive), 12 years of education (equivalent to high school), 15 years of business experience (high), 4 family dependents. The business profile shows: soybean milk agro-industry is classified as a micro business with sales of Rp. 86.400.000/year, capital of Rp. 4.760.000, and the number of workers is 1 person. (2) The soy milk production process starts from the stages of soaking and washing, grinding, boiling, filtering, heating, and packaging. The use of inputs consists of raw materials, namely soybeans as much as 72.00 kg/month, labor as much as 11.59 HOK/month, supporting materials (water 1.368 liters/month, sugar 120 kg/month, food flavors 600 ml/month , salt as much as 7,200 grams/month, pandan leaves 144 sheets/month, plastic wrapping 9,360 sheets/month, and firewood as much as 4 m3/month (3) The production cost of soy milk is Rp 5,545,864/month, which consists of costs variable Rp 5,481,150/month and fixed costs Rp 64,714/month Soy milk production is obtained as much as 1,080 liters/month with a selling price of Rp 6,667/liter. Gross income is Rp 7,200,000/month and net income is Rp 1,654,136 /month The efficiency (RCR) of soy milk is 1.30, meaning that it is profitable and feasible to cultivate (4) The added value obtained from the soy milk agro-industry is Rp. 39,068/liter with a value added ratio of 39.07%.

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