Evaluasi Perkembangan Desa Dan Kelurahan Sesuai Pemendagri No. 81 Tahun 2015 Tentang Evaluasi Perkembangan Desa Dan Kelurahan (Studi Pemerintahan Desa Dan Kelurahan Di Kecamatan Ukui)

Juharza, Amri (2021) Evaluasi Perkembangan Desa Dan Kelurahan Sesuai Pemendagri No. 81 Tahun 2015 Tentang Evaluasi Perkembangan Desa Dan Kelurahan (Studi Pemerintahan Desa Dan Kelurahan Di Kecamatan Ukui). Other thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.


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The Regulation of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 81 of 2015 concerning Evaluation of Village and Sub-District Development is intended to determine the specific status of the results of the development of a village and sub-district and to determine the effectiveness of governance, development, community development and community empowerment. Ukui District is one of the sub-districts in Pelalawan Regency, Riau Province, Ukui District has 11 (eleven) villages and 1 (one) Kelurahan. This research was limited to taking three locations, namely Ukui Satu Village, Ukui Dua Village and Lubuk Kembang Bunga Village. The phenomenon that occurs related to this research is that there are several villages that have great potential and natural resources with large enough APBDes, but these villages are considered to be underdeveloped so that it is a mystery that will be studied through evaluation indicators of rural and urban village development. There are several villages that do not have great potential and natural resources, but these villages are considered as developed villages. There are villages that seem to be developing / fast developing, which have fairly complete infrastructure such as roads that have been paved. fairly complete health facilities such as a doctor's practice midwife, polyclinic and polindes. Then complete educational facilities such as kindergarten (TK), more than one elementary school (SD) and middle school (SMP) are available, but the village is considered less developed. In determining the use of indicators that have been regulated in Pemendagri Number 81 of 2015 Article 8 includes evaluation of the government sector, evaluation of the territorial field and evaluation of the social sector. This research uses qualitative research, informants in this determination include the Head of the Village Community Empowerment Service, the Village Secretary, the Head of Ukui Satu Village and the Village Head. The results showed that Ukui Satu Village was assessed as being friendly with a developing category, this is because the Ukui Satu Village is not far from the center of the district capital where there are figures and markets that animate economic activity because the characteristics of a developing region are various kinds of economic activities that become income. The community apart from the plantation sector In the educational aspect, Ukui Satutelah Village has adequate educational facilities, as well as the health facilities in Ukui Dua Village is considered as a village that has the potential to develop, this is because Ukui Dua Village is not far from the capital of Uuku District, so from the side of activities the economy can be used by its citizens to trade. In addition, Ukui Dua village has very high potential in its area, where there are areas that have been used for oil and gas by PT Pertamina Lirik, and there they get profit sharing so that each year the Ukui Dua village has more than 2 billion APBDes. Of course this is the capital to be developed by making innovations and breakthroughs in the progress of the region. In the education aspect, Ukui Dua village has adequate facilities, as well as in the health aspect, Lubuk Kembang Bunga Village is considered an underdeveloped village, this is because the village of Lubuk Bunga Bunga is very far from the capital of the Ukui sub-district besides this village has the largest area in the Ukui subdistrict. However, it has a small number of population distribution, because its vast area is the Teso Nilo National Park (TNTN), but its area has the potential for the village of flower center to generate a larger portion of village funds than other villages. do not have adequate facilities, especially the distance of health and education facilities is very far from 2 hamlets which are far from the village capital, even though these 2 hamlets have a population of 40% and a total population of Bunga Bunga Village residents, but do not have health and education facilities. Village disaster l ubuk kembang bunga is a village that is prone to flood disasters, so far no serious efforts have been made to mitigate this flood disaster.

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