Analisis Nilai-nilai Pendidikan Dalam Novel Pak Guru Karya Awang Surya

Rianti, Rize (2019) Analisis Nilai-nilai Pendidikan Dalam Novel Pak Guru Karya Awang Surya. Other thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.

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The background of the writer is the literary work is someone's imaginative essay in expressing his thoughts through both oral and written, and the novel is wrong a literary work that tries to express the reality of life in society. The problem raised in this study is how are the Values ​​of Education in the novel Pak Guru Karya Awang Surya. This research was conducted with the aim to describe, analyze, and interpret in detail the data was obtained. The theory used in this research is, Law. Hamidy (1993), Burhanuddin Salam (2000), K. Bertens (2004), Abuddin Nata (2005), and Mohammad Daud Ali (2008). The data source in this study is the entire contents of the novel, and the authors limit research data sources that have elements of educational value as many as 3 kinds. This study uses a qualitative approach to the type of library research (Library Research) and the method used is descriptive method. In order to collecting data in this study the authors collected data through novels contained in the Pak Guru novel by Awang Surya published by Ersa publishers Jakarta in 2014. The novel contains 48 chapters. The results of the study are in the novel Pak Awang Surya's teachers have good educational values ​​related to (1) grades Islamic education includes: Aqeedah there are 5 quotations, Worship there are 8 quotations, and Muamalah there are 3 quotes. (2) Moral education values ​​include: There is a conscience 3 citations, There are 3 citations for responsibilities, and Liabilities for 4 citations. (3) value Cultural education includes: Trust there is 1 quote. There are 1 habits quote, and Customs there is 1 quote Istiadat. So the conclusion of this study is the Value Education that doniman author get it in Novel Sir Teacher Creation Awang Sun

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