Praanggapan Dalam Acara Talkshow Indonesia Lawyers Club (ILC) Di TV One

Siregar, Juliarni (2019) Praanggapan Dalam Acara Talkshow Indonesia Lawyers Club (ILC) Di TV One. Other thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.

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Presuppositions is something that is assumed by the speaker as an event before producing a speech, which has a presupposition / presumption is a speaker, not a sentence, Yule (2014: 43). The problem described in this study is how is the presumption in the Indonesian Lawyers Club (ILC) talk show on TV One. This study aims to describe, analyze and interpret presuppositions in the Indonesian Lawyers Club (ILC) talk show on TV One. Based on the main problem of the research, the theory used in this study is the theory of George Yule (2014) which identifies the presumption of six types. The population in this study were all dialogue utterances in the El-Clasico Jokowi vs Prabowo Indonesia Lawyers Club Episode talk show on April 9, 2019. The sample of this study was all dialogue utterances in the Indonesia Lawyers Club Episode El-Clasico Jokowi vs Prabowo episode 09 April 2019 with duration of 3:07:20, the samples in this study were 13 situations and 86 utterances which the author quoted. Data collection techniques in this study are listening techniques and note taking techniques. Based on the results of the study, there were 13 situations and 86 utterances that the author quoted. The six types of presuppositions are: 1) Existential Preferences totaling 34 utterances (39, 53%) out of 86 utterances, 2) Factual prescriptions totaling 23 utterances (26, 74%) out of 86 utterances, 3) Lexical prescriptions totaling 49 utterances (56, 97%) of 86 utterances, 4) Structural presuppositions amounting to 1 utterance (1.16%) from 86 utterances, 5) Non-factual presuppositions amounting to 4 utterances (4, 65%) of 86 utterances, 6) Presuppositions factual counters totaling 11 utterances (12, 79%) out of 86 utterances. The type of presumption that is often found is lexical presupposition which amounts to 49 utterances, because this presumption states that it is conventionally interpreted with the presumption that another meaning (which is not stated) is understood. and the type of presumption that was found the least was the type of structural presumption which amounted to 1 utterance.

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