Analisi Kinerja Organisasi Publik Pada Dinas Pemadam Kebakaran Kabupaten Kuantan Singingi di Kota Taluk Kuantan

Jaksi, Sisi Lasmini (2019) Analisi Kinerja Organisasi Publik Pada Dinas Pemadam Kebakaran Kabupaten Kuantan Singingi di Kota Taluk Kuantan. Other thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.

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This study aims to determine and analyze the Performance of Public Organizations at the Kuantan Singingi Fire Department in Taluk Kuantan City. The assessment indicators used include Productivity, Service Quality, Responsibility, and Accountability. This type of research is a descriptive survey, which prioritizes the questionnaire as a data collection tool and the data collected with this tool is then used as the main raw material for analyzing the empirical conditions and objectivity of the existence of objectives at the research location. The population and sample in this study were 15 people. Types and data collection techniques used consist of, primary data collected using questionnaire and interview lists and secondary data collected using observation and documentation techniques. While the data analysis technique used is to use a score technique with a frequency table tool. Based on this analysis technique the researchers assessed and concluded that the Analysis of Public Organization Performance at the Fire Service Office in Kuantan Singingi District in Taluk Kuantan City was in the Good rating category. The inhibiting factor is the distance traveled so that the fire department is always late coming to the location of the fire. This happened because there were only one fire station in Kuantan Singingi District, while Kuantan Singingi District had 15 Districts. Then the cost is limited by the Kuantan Singingi fire department, so that the fire department has not been able to provide information to the community in Kuantan Singingi Regency regarding the danger and impact of fires. And the number of firefighters in the Kuantan Singingi fire department is still inadequate. There are only 30 officers, with a fleet of 7 units. Whereas for one fleet, it needs 6 officers, so there are still 12 Damkar officers in the Kuantan Singingi Fire Department.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Performance of Public Organizations, Fire Fighting
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