Teknik Retorika Ustaz Abdul Somad Dalam Nasihat Pernikahan Di Youtube

Wahyuni, Sri (2019) Teknik Retorika Ustaz Abdul Somad Dalam Nasihat Pernikahan Di Youtube. Other thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.


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The study was titled "Ustadz Abdul Somad's Rhetorical Technique in Wedding Advice on Youtube ". This research was motivated by da'wah is one aspect of speaking. The reason the authors are interested in choosing a title the study was because Ustadz Abdul Somad always appeared to lecture with sentences that are easy to understand and understand and the contents of the lecture practical with a style of da'wah that is relaxed and easy to digest by listeners. Research problems: (1) How is the rhetorical technique in the form of phososstreetAbdul Somad in Marriage Advice on Youtube? (2) How is the rhetorical technique in the form of logosUstazAbdul Somad in Wedding Advice on YouTube? (3) What was Ustadz Abdul Somad's ethos rhetorical technique in Advice Marriage on Youtube? Aim to describe, analyze, interpret and conclude teknikphatos, logos, danetosUstaz Abdul Somad in Marriage Advice on youtube. This research includes research qualitative. The method used in this analysis is descriptive method. The source of this research data is Ustadz Abdul Somad's preaching in Advice Marriage downloaded from November 2014 2018. This research using the theory put forward by Aristotle in Rachmat (2002), Suhandang (2009), Keraf ((2007), and Abidin (2013). This study uses documentation techniques, refer technique, and note-taking techniques. Research results about Ustadz Abdul Somad's rhetorical technique in Marriage Advice was found the technique is 91 data including techniques (1) pathos such as feelings 11 data, 9 data emotions, 25 data expectations, 10 data hatred, love 12 data, (2) Data logosberupaEntimem13 and Example 11 data used by Ustadz Abdul Somad. So it can be concluded that the rhetorical technique used by Ustadz Abdul Somad was more dominant in using the rhetorical technique that was like hope to influence listeners to be enthusiastic about running activities especially in reaching life goals while logos rhetorical techniques Ustadz Abdul Somad's overall use of the strategy and example. But the most dominant one is entimem. Entimem strategy used as a logic builder or frame of mind. Besides Ustadz Abdul Somad, also gave examples to listeners, Facebook listeners are more confident with the preaching that they convey. Whereas technique ethos Principal Abdul Somad was always well-dressed so listeners were watching will feel comfortable.

Item Type: Thesis (Other)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Rhetoric, Pathos, Logos, Ethos, Ustadz Abdul Somad
Subjects: L Education > L Education (General)
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Date Deposited: 26 Feb 2022 06:14
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