Analisa Perlakuan Alkali (NAOH) Pada Serat Terhadap Kekuatan Impact Dan Bending Komposit Bermatrik Epoxy

Arifadhillah, Naufal (2022) Analisa Perlakuan Alkali (NAOH) Pada Serat Terhadap Kekuatan Impact Dan Bending Komposit Bermatrik Epoxy. Other thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.

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The development of science and technology led to new discoveries in various aspects. In the world of engineering is one aspect that can show knowledge and development rapidly. New discoveries are always made in order to achieve an optimal result. The use of materials that can be applied as a structure must have high mechanical properties. Scientists are always conducting studies and research to engineer new materials that have high mechanical properties, such as composite materials. Fiber-reinforced composites are the most widely developed composite types. Composites from fiber materials continue to be researched and developed to become alternative materials for metal replacement, this is due to the nature of composite materials which are strong and have a lighter mass compared to metal. In this study, the composition in the composite consists of fibers and a matrix as a binder. The use of composite materials has been used in everyday life and the aircraft and marine industry, its application is not limited and has penetrated into sports equipment and electronic devices. Composite users in various fields cannot be separated from the superior properties that composites are lightweight, strong and resistant to corrosion. In conducting this research on composite materials, the researchers chose to use pineapple leaf fiber which has a stronger texture and is easier to extract the fiber with a variation of the Alkali immersion treatment (Alkalization) which is 5% 10% 15% with the percentage of fiber and resin 50%: 50% with an immersion time of 1 1 hour 30 minutes. and analyze the effect of treatment on impact and bending strength. With the aim of knowing more about the effect of applying alkali as a solvent for pineapple leaf fiber on mechanical strength, to get the results of impact strength and bending strength values from alkali treatment on pineapple leaf fiber composites, to increase the usefulness of pineapple leaf fiber waste into useful materials. The greatest impact value was obtained from the pineapple leaf fiber composite with alkalizing treatment at 15% alkali with an impact value of 0.42 J/mm2 . The high impact value on the use of 15% alkali is caused by the use of large alkalization which makes the relationship between resin and fiber bonds stronger. So that the energy received by the composite can be absorbed properly. The greatest bending strength was obtained by pineapple leaf fiber composite with a bending strength of 3,832 N/mm2.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Composite, Pineapple Fiber, Material, Impact, Bending, Epoxy Resin
Subjects: T Technology > TJ Mechanical engineering and machinery
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