Perkembangan Model PertanggungJawaban Kepala Daerah di Indonesia

Rauf, Rahyunir (2016) Perkembangan Model PertanggungJawaban Kepala Daerah di Indonesia. Jurnal SIASAT, 10 (2). pp. 122-134. (Unpublished)

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Decentralization is one of the forms on integral part of the universal principles of democracy, a democracy is the principle "from the people, by the people, and for the people". Through these principles, the develoved a decentralization goverment system or "children" of the democratic system. the basic eksence of decentralization are as follows; "solving the problem of local, local way , and by local People". Through decentralization the community can be involved in the process of policy formulation, policy implementation and evaluation of public policies oriented to the interests of the community people will be able to feel the country has participated since they actively since the beginning. particularly in the preparation of Public policy relating to community interests.political desentralization can support the process of democration. through desentralization, citizen or political representatives who are elected throuh the election will have more power in the making of public policy. in the concept of desentralization aften become the main thing execution organization of local governance and the implementation of sustainable development the concept of desentralization is often discussed in the context of the discussion of the organization of the system of local governance and development. desentralization is not a stand-alone system, but rather a series of unity of the larger system. A state of the nation embraced desentralization not an alternative to centralized. hence is not dikotomis, but rather a sub-sub system whitin the framework of the organizational system of the state. the concept of desentralization is often confised (interchangeably) with development terms, devolution, political desentralization, secretariat desentralization, administrative decentralization, devolution decentralization, autonomy, functional pembantuan task and so an with different form of decentralization, it will affect the regional head of the accountability model

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