Penetapan Tapal Batas Wilayah Laut Indonesia Dengan Singapura di Bagian Barat Selat Singapura Menurut Unclos III 1982

Amin, Choirul (2019) Penetapan Tapal Batas Wilayah Laut Indonesia Dengan Singapura di Bagian Barat Selat Singapura Menurut Unclos III 1982. Other thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.

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The terrytory of a country in addition to our knowledge of air and land is also the ocean. However, maritime issues or sea areas are not owned by every ountry, only certain countries have sea areas, namely contries where land borders with the sea. The sea is sometimes the boundary of a country with another country with a boundary point that is determined through billateral or multilateral agreements, which also meant the limit of acountry’s power, as far as the outermost line of its territory. The importance of the sea in relations between nations also makes the importance of international sea law important. The issue of the sea boundary is a fundamental thing that should be immediately resolved and agreed by both countries. Determination of coordinate points on the indonesia and singapure sea boundaries is based on the principle of equal distance between two adjacent islands. The validation of the coordinates is based on the agreement of the two governments. The determination of territorial sea boundaries in the western part of the singapore strait with the Republic of Singapore is required by the government of the Republic of Indonesia to provide legal certainty regarding the sovereign territory of the unitary state of the Republic Of Indonesia. The title raised by the author is the determination of the boundaries of the Indonesian sea area with Singapore in the western part of the Singapore strait according to UNCLOS III 1982,this study aims to find out two things : first, to to find out how the agreement on the determination of the indonesian sea terrytory with Singapore in the west strait singapore, and secondly, to find out how to determine Indonesian sea boundaries with Singapore in the West part of the Singapore Strait according to UNCLOS III 1982. The writing method used in the peparation of this thesis is normative or library research, namely by gathering material from books, legal journals, the internet, international and national legal instruments and other writings that are closely related to the intent and purpose of preparing scientific works. The determination of the maritime boundary of Indonesia and Singapore is determinedbased on international law governing the procedure for determining maritime boundaries, namely the United Nations Convention On The Law Of The Sea (UNCLOS) or the 1982 Convention On The Law Of The Sea, where both state are parties to the convention. The determination of the boundary are of the Indonesiann sea area with Singaporein the western part of the singapore strait was signed by the two countries on march 10, 2009. This agreement is the result of eight rounds of negotiations that have been carried out by the two contries since 2005. This agreement was formulated and explained in law 4/Prp/1960 concerning Indonesian Waters and update with PP 38/2002 and PP 37/2008. The determination of the territorial sea boundary line in the western segment will facilitate the security apparatus and shipping safety implementers in serving in the Singapore strait because there is legal certainty about the sovereignty boundaries of the two countries.

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