Pengaruh Putaran Blower Terhadap Karakteristik Distribusi Angin Untuk Kenyamanan Ruangan Bangunan

Tobing, Alfinovawan Lumban (2022) Pengaruh Putaran Blower Terhadap Karakteristik Distribusi Angin Untuk Kenyamanan Ruangan Bangunan. Other thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.

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Natural ventilation is an alternative energy-saving cooling device to reduce electricity consumption in buildings, this ventilation is a promising solution to reduce problems in terms of electricity consumption in the air cooling section such as the use of AC and others. There are two main functions of the concept in natural ventilation (1) providing a good IAQ (Air Quality Index) without the use of electricity to power the air conditioner and (2) increasing thermal comfort by providing ventilation to the user..To get the effective value of airflow using additional blower. This research begins by preparing tools and materials such as anemometers, thermometers, hygrometers, pyranometers, solar panels, and dimers. After that, adjust the rotation of the blower and spray spray in the wind catcher room to help humidify the air entering the room. This research will produce a device. which is environmentally friendly and energy efficient to cool the room. The test was carried out in building C, Islamic University of Riau at 10.30-13.30 WIB. As for the 9 studies that have been carried out, it was found that the 8th test is the test with the best data results in this study. Where the 8th test in the first experiment resulted in Qvent= 14.93 m3/s, Q= 0.896 m3/s, ACH=35.84 and Re= 16603.88. While the second test, which is the best of the 3 trials in the 8th test, resulted in Qvent = 21.33 m3/s, Q = 1.28 m3/s, ACH = 51.2 and Re = 16575.41. And the third experiment resulted in Qvent= 11.73 m3/s, Q= 0.704 m3/s, ACH=28.16 and Re= 9579.86.

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Date Deposited: 09 Dec 2022 11:36
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