Analisis Semiotik Kumpulan Puisi Musim Bermula Karya Penyair Perempuan Se-sumatera

Dorianti, Melani (2019) Analisis Semiotik Kumpulan Puisi Musim Bermula Karya Penyair Perempuan Se-sumatera. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.

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Semiotic Analysis of the Collection of Seasonal Poems Starting from the Work of Sumatran Female Poets Semiotic is an analytical method that examines signs. Collection of Season Poetry Starting from the work of the Sumatran Women's Poet, it contains many elements of semiotics such as icons, indices and symbols. Research problem is how the icon is inside Collection of Beginning Season Poems by Sumatran Women's Poets? What is the index in the collection of Seasonal Poetry Beginning by a female poet all over Sumatra? and what are the symbols in the collection of the Beginning Season Poetry works Sumatran poets of women? The purpose of the study is to know and analyze the poetry semiotics of the Season Beginning poetry collection by female poets all over Sumatra. The scope of the study is included in the scope of the criticism study literature, especially the study of semiotics. Problem limitation is that researchers take everything semiotic aspects of the type of sign (icon, index and symbol). The theory used is Pradopo (2013), Nurgiyantoro (2007) and Sentosa (1993). Data source is a collection Beginning Season Poetry by Sumatran Women's Poets. Research approach This semiotic uses a qualitative approach with the type of research. The method used is descriptive method. Data collection technique used is hermenuitik technique. The results of the study and the amount of data in the collection Beginning Season Poetry by the Sumatran Female Poet consists of 5 poetry writer by Sumatran poet women. The results of this study are (1) The icon aspect is 38 data. For example, in my words, I am a marker which marks the heart's own feelings. (2) Index aspect has 21 data. For example the word is like the back longing for the moon. Phrases like backs lingering month is a form of index of a poem that is told where it is causal relationship between cause and effect between signs and the marker. (3) Semiotic aspects of symbols are 50 data. Examples like found in the crossed phrase ablution. The meaning contained in that symbol it is intended to be a special devotion performed by the poet solely because of the creator.

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Semiotic analysis, icons, indices, symbols
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