Evaluasi Konversi Pompaelectric Submersiblepump (esp) Menjadi Insert Pump Untuk Meningkatkan Produksi Minyak Pada Sumur Xy Lapangan Sja

Idrus, Syarifah Junaida Al (2018) Evaluasi Konversi Pompaelectric Submersiblepump (esp) Menjadi Insert Pump Untuk Meningkatkan Produksi Minyak Pada Sumur Xy Lapangan Sja. Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.


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The XY wells are located in the SJA field, operating since March 2015, where the reservoir in the well consists of 4 layers, but only one layer has been produced. XY wells are produced with the help of ESP Pumps. But in March 2016 the XY well decreased the rate of production and improved water cut 99%. To increase the amount of production in the XY well, three new layers are opened (layers 2,3,4) and close the Layer 1. From this problem, an evaluation of the ESP pump is installed, or the ESP pump is in accordance with the production rate for 3 layer and evaluation of ESP pump replacement to the insert pump, so that the rate of production of XY wells can increase and pump performance also matches the rate of production of the well. The evaluation of the ESP pump includes calculating the maximum flow rate of the pump, making the IPR curve to see the optimum flow rate, calculating the number of stages and houre power pumps used, and determining the type of pump suitable for XY wells if the ESP pump cannot be used in the well that is. Based on the evaluation results on XY wells the maximum flow rate obtained was 353 BOPD with an optimum flow rate of 282 BOPD, the number of stages of the ESP pump to produce three layers of oil at 53 stages with 17 Horse Power, while the previous ESP pump installed 75 stages with 30 Horse power. So that the ESP Pump that has been installed must be replaced with a smaller ESP type stage and its Horse power, while in the market there is no ESP pump type available, then the decision is taken to replace the ESP pump into the pump insert, can be seen from the parameters of the XY well data, GOR 43.0 SCF / STB, Temperature192 oF, Productivity of Wells 318.24 BFPD, Oil Viscosity 3.6 cp, Depth of Well of 1532 ft, Low Sand content, Construction of Vertical Well, Driving Mechanism of water drive, all of these data are included in screening criteria for pump insert pumps. And from desaign insert pump, volumetric efficiency is 87,2 %

Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
Uncontrolled Keywords: electrical submersible pump, insert pump (HPU), conversion, artificial lift, volumetric efficiency, IPR
Subjects: Q Science > Q Science (General)
Divisions: > Teknik Perminyakan
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Date Deposited: 02 Apr 2019 13:35
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