Prosiding Seminar Hasil Penelitian Pendidikan

Welasari, Welasari and Ilham, Muh. (2017) Prosiding Seminar Hasil Penelitian Pendidikan. Pemberdayaan Hasil Penelitian Melalui Seminar : Mendorong Peningkatan Penulisan Artikel dan Publikasi. pp. 449-453. ISSN 978-602-60927-0-0

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Institut Pemerintahan Dalam Negeri (IPDN) Riau IPDN Campus is a regional campus / campus area. Institute of Public Administration is a school official under the indinesian domestic Ministry as an institution of higher study kepamongprajaan visionaries into higher institutions kepamongprajaan trusted the task of science development, behavioral development kepamongan and providers cadre of governance skilled, with educational pattern Trinity Centralized namely teaching, training and parenting. In realizing this vision and implement Tridarma college (education, research and community service), namely study field is a vehicle for improving the competence of the civil education for Praja and participate in problem-solving efforts in the community. Advances in science and technology and the rapid social changes in the community college giving ideas in solving community problems both in terms of governance, empowerment development. This study uses qualitative descriptive research with approach Empirical Approach, NormativeApproach,ParticipativeApproach Institutional Approach. The focus of this research is the Township study Field of Riau IPDN village Campus In Order Administration Management. Kepenghuluan research sites in the mega gulf Tanah Putih subdistrict Rokan Hilir Riau Province research subject are: Praja, penghulu employees or staff kepenghuluan and society. The data analysis research depth interviews (depth interview), observations,collecting data through online and documents that have been collected. From the data obtained, the results of this research is the cooperation of the civil and kepenghuluan mega gulf became Realistic-Pragmatic where activity programs kepenghuluan mega gulf planned basically rests on the problems and the real needs on the ground, can be carried out in accordance with the carrying capacity of resources available in the field, and provide benefits to the community, both in the short and long term and can be done in a sustainable manner by kepenghuluan mega gulf -through order of Administrative villages as data centers and accurate information as an integrated system of national government. Keywords: Education, Management, Administration village

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Penelitian dan Evaluasi Pendidikan
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