Efisiensi Penggunaan Faktor-faktor Produksi dan Pendapatan Usahatani Jeruk Siam di Desa Pematang Tebih Kecamatan Ujung Batu Kabupaten Rokan Hulu

Dermawan, Dedi (2019) Efisiensi Penggunaan Faktor-faktor Produksi dan Pendapatan Usahatani Jeruk Siam di Desa Pematang Tebih Kecamatan Ujung Batu Kabupaten Rokan Hulu. Other thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.

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Production of Siamese orange fluctuates and is not optimal, so it needs to be used production input efficiently. This study aims to analyze (1) characteristics of Siamese orange farmers, (2) allocation of use of production factors, costs production, income and profits of Siamese orange farmers, (3) influence of use production input of siam citrus farming, (4) production elasticity in citrus farming siam and (5) Efficiency in the use of siam orange production inputs in Pematang Village Tebih Ujung Batu District, Rokan Hulu Regency. Method used is a survey, conducted in Pematang Tebih Village, Ujungbatu District Rokan Hulu Regency, to analyze the characteristics of farmers used analysis qualitative, while the use of factors of production, production costs, and income farmers and production efficiency are analyzed quantitatively. Factors that affecting the production of siamese oranges analyzed by using a function Cobb Douglas production. The results showed that the average age Siamese citrus farmers are in productive age of 39 years, the average level 10-year farmer education, average experience of cultivating Siamese orange farmers 9 year, and the number of family dependents is 3 people on average. Average use production input of siam citrus farmers is: 1.60 ha of cultivated land area, amount plants are 607,14 stems / arable, NPK fertilizer is 1,700 kg / arable / year, dolomite fertilizer 315 kg / arable / year, manure is 6,343 kg / arable / year, pesticides are 20.20 liters / arable / year, labor use 165.26 HKP / claim / year. Average production costs as much as Rp.49,231,170.00 / claim / year. Average production as much 22,857.14 kg / arable / year. Average gross income of Rp. 171,428,571.43 / claim / year. The average net income is as much as Rp. 122,197,401.43 / claim / year. Factors that have a significant effect the production of siam orange is the number of plants, NPK fertilizer, dolomite fertilizer and manure at a real level of 5% and that has no significant effect are pesticides and labor. Variables that have EP criteria> 1, namely the number of plants is 13,190, dolomite fertilizer is 16,526, manure amounting to 2,587 and labor as much as 8,901 while those with elasticity EP <1 is NPK fertilizer of -2.881 and pesticide is -75.501. The use of siam orange inputs is not efficient, farmers must add and reduce the use of inputs to increase production.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: production factors, income of Siamese orange farming
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