Tinjauan Hukum Terhadap Pelaksanaan Perjanjian Kredit Pemilikan Rumah (KPR) Sejahtera Tapak PT. Lintas Anugrah Dengan PT. Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk. Cabang Kota Pekanbaru

Safitri, Roma Indah (2019) Tinjauan Hukum Terhadap Pelaksanaan Perjanjian Kredit Pemilikan Rumah (KPR) Sejahtera Tapak PT. Lintas Anugrah Dengan PT. Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk. Cabang Kota Pekanbaru. ["eprint_fieldopt_thesis_type_undergraduate" not defined] thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.

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Home is a primary need for the community. The fulfillment of these primary needs cannot be met by everyone to buy in cash. Therefore, a financial institution is needed to provide financial assistance in the form of credit distribution. BTN is one of the banks as a place to finance housing projects for the people. With the KPR Sejahtera Tapak, the community can have a Simple Health House (RSH) with low installments and the realization of its credit is fairly easy. Besides the Bank as the provider of funds there are also other parties who participate in the Subsidized KPR program, namely the developer. PT Lintas Anugrah is one of the companies engaged in housing developers in the Riau region. In granting credit the bank gives trust to the debtor. But lately in House Ownership Loans often encountered Debtors (Customers) are constrained in the payment of existing credit installments. This bad credit will certainly have a huge impact on the banking world. The bank will lack funds so that it affects the bank's business activities. In conducting this research the author formulates the main problems as follows: How is the implementation of the Sejahtera Tapak Home Ownership Loan (KPR) agreement PT. Lintas Anugrah with PT. BTN (Persero) Tbk. Pekanbaru city branch? How is the procedure for resolving a default in the Sejahtera Tapak Housing Loan agreement at PT. BTN (Persero) Tbk Pekanbaru city branch? From the point of view of the method used in this study, this type of research is Observational Research by means of surveys, namely research that takes samples from one population using interviews and questionnaires as the main data collection tool, the sampling technique that I used in this study was " Purposive sampling ", which is to determine the number of samples that represent the total population, which the sample category has been determined by the researcher. Based on the results of research on the implementation of prosperous Housing Loans (KPR), the site of PT. Lintas Anugrah with PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk. Successfully interwoven. The constraints that often arise in this credit agreement are defaults from debtors, to overcome these problems PT BTN (Persero) conducts methods namely by deliberation, in this way it is expected that the problem can be resolved in a family manner. Through the State Debt and Auction Agency (BUPLN) and the latter through the court, this can be done if PT BTN (Persero) feels aggrieved by the debtor to be able to submit compensation requests through the court, of course, requires a long and time consuming process cost a lot.

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