Analisis Yuridis Tindak Pidana Penggelapan Dalam Jabatan Oleh Kasir dan Petugas Administrasi CV.Rajawali Mas Perkasa Dalam Perkara No.49/PID.B/2016/PN.PBR

Lopa, Amri Albadru (2019) Analisis Yuridis Tindak Pidana Penggelapan Dalam Jabatan Oleh Kasir dan Petugas Administrasi CV.Rajawali Mas Perkasa Dalam Perkara No.49/PID.B/2016/PN.PBR. ["eprint_fieldopt_thesis_type_undergraduate" not defined] thesis, Universitas Islam Riau.

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Crime and violation are complex phenomena understanding from various different sides, so comments or opinions about a crime and a violation often differ from one others. Therefore, the governor of this country emphasizes making and the application of regulations that apply to acts of crime and violations arising from public order, scientific facts, actions criminal morality, and criminal acts that threaten the security of the State inside case No.49 / Pid.B / PN.Pbr. The main method in this study aims to find out proof elements of criminal acts imposed in the decision No.49 / Pid.B / 2016 / PN.Pbr and to find out what is the basis consideration of the judge in the imposition of a sentence against the accused of embezzlement in office by the cashier and administrative officer of the CV. Rajawali Mas Perkasa. The research used is library research and field research (field research) with the type of descriptive research that is analyzing data obtained from field studies and literature with how to explain and describe the reality of an object. Approach the problem juridically, namely a review of laws and regulations. The data used is primary data obtained directly from the object field research and secondary data obtained from study results literature. This research was conducted at the Pekanbaru District Court. The result of this research is knowing the proof of the elements - the element of criminal acts imposed in the case of Decision No.49 / Pid.B / 2016 / PN.Pbr Proof based on facts law in the form of witness statements, defendant's statement, and the existence of goods evidence. The defendant was indicted on charges of committing a criminal act embezzlement in the position contained in Article 374 of the Criminal Code and Article 372 Criminal Code. Knowing the basis of judges' consideration in imposing criminal charges against defendants embezzling CV funds. Rajawali Mas Perkasa, where in this case the panel of judges ruled that the defendant was proven to have violated the indictment of Article 374 of the Criminal Code concerning embezzlement, the judges obtained his belief by emphasizing legal values ​​towards the trial process that is to the evidence and the facts revealed in the trial. The criminal sanctions decided are 1 (one) year and 3 (three) months in prison.

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